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ProDesign: It's all about lightness!

Press Release   •   Jan 25, 2018 15:51 GMT

This season Danish ProDesign is introducing a new concept to the Essential Collection, where lightness will be key; both in color and material.

“We focus on lightweight materials as titanium and CXT, which can be cut thin making the frames lightweight and comfortable to wear”, says Eyewear Architect Marie-Louise Japhetson.

 ProDesign - The Essential Collection - model 1503 col.9335 (CXT / acetate)

The key to this concept is lightness; both in color and material. The fronts are calm and subtle, while the temples are either contrasting to the front or tone in tone. Note the light and transparent fronts cut in thin CXT.

ProDesign - The Essential Collection - model 1417 col.3821 (titanium)

The two dusty tones on the front give a calm expression to the light titanium frame. Note how the darker colors on the top, make the frames look light as well.

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