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FACE A FACE, Always Audacious, Always Unique !

Press release   •   Apr 24, 2018 12:00 GMT

The two new concepts from French FACE A FACE are like pieces of art, always playing with transparencies and colours. The combinations of opaque, transparent and colourful acetates create a truly unique expression.


FACE A FACE - Blast1 col100

Introducing a bold new concept, where the coloration is deconstructed like the effect of a blast; an edgy look created by using transparent or pale colours making it look like the eyebrow is floating.


FACE A FACE - Jadde2 col2045

This new design is introduced with sharper, deeper and yet thinner shapes, creating a new and expressive look. The frame-in-frame effect of the two-coloured front creates an alluring impression - a fine balance of light and thinness.

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