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KILSGAARD, Honesty is timeless

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KILSGAARD, Honesty is timeless

In times of change and always searching for what’s next, we see a need to focus.

To focus on truly caring on respecting uncompromising choices — on staying true at all times. While many things have changed over the years, great design hasn’t. It’s still about showing relentless attention to detail and showing interest in working with your materials – carving out what’s absolutely essential.

To us great design is about being honest. We don’t see a need to beautify what’s already there.
There’s no need to exaggerate. Instead we see power in reduction — letting raw materials and minimalist choices speak for themselves. Creating products where nothing is left to chance.
Sometimes, capturing one single idea and finding the clearest possible way to express it is enough.
Doing more by doing less and doing it one hundred percent correctly. That kind of honesty in design is timeless. Just like our frames.

ACETATE 01 — 08
: We’re introducing a concept based on bold designs that highlight the exclusivity of the prime materials. Designs where a few conscious choices and even minor details throughout make all the difference. It’s not about overdoing it. On the contrary, it’s about crafting a shape that lets the material stand out in its own right.

Bold in both shape and ambition — we’re introducing ACETATE 01—08.
In many ways, The ACETATE collection consists of subtle statement pieces. It’s manufactured entirely from prime Japanese acetates all the way from the front to its end tips. It comes in a variety of colours ranging from earthy tones to more daring shades.
The frames simple appearance enables you to truly appreciate the structure of the materials.
A confident and conscious style choice that doesn’t overstate anything.
Acetate01 col.


Raw titanium with prime acetate details.
Nothing more, nothing less. TITANIUM 01—02 represents an honest and uncompromising approach to eyewear design.
To us design becomes both expressive and enticing when it is reduced to the bare essentials. The TITANIUM collection is the proof of this concept — honoring two round shapes that in spite of their simple appearance are anything but standard.

The name says it all. They’re made from pure high-quality titanium from front and temples, all the way to the nosepads. The three metallic colorways are pure galvanic colors — which is the most durable way of colouring titanium. The end-tips are made from Japanese acetate and the custom silver firefly logo provides detail to each frame.
Clean-cut and confident.

A series of sharply defined shapes
— staying true to what just works. This collection derives from the essence of the Kilsgaard DNA and caters to the everlasting need for timeless high quality frames.
This is ALUMINUM 01—04, a collection of classics in every sense of the word — with new colours and details.

ALUMINUM comes in different variations of earthy tones. The matte aluminum fronts are anodized to achieve a deep and highly durable colour with a sleek, matte surface. The temples come in either Japanese acetate or pure stainless steel.
An honest approach to design and materials make up a truly timeless piece of eyewear.

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Design is the heart of our company

Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.

Great design is what defines all our brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look.

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Design is the heart of our company

Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.

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