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Bocca - Sculptures formed from a gleam of light

Bocca - Sculptures formed from a gleam of light

Press releases   •   Jun 11, 2019 14:01 GMT

The newest creations from BOCCA are born. Like a metamorphosis of light, each individual concept varies like color itself. Together they fashion an intriguing yet mysterious 2019 collection where concepts of simplicity and lightness are fused with the pure and minimalistic.

FACE A FACE - Synaesthesia: the soul of the createur

Press releases   •   Aug 23, 2018 10:00 GMT

French FACE A FACE have launched their new brand campaign in which they explore the phenomenon of Synaesthesia. This creates an alluring and surprising setting for the new collection of sophisticated and delicate concepts, each unique like fine sculptures.

The WOOW-factor with a TWIST!

Press releases   •   Aug 14, 2018 10:00 GMT

WOOW is known for BOLD colour combinations, EXCITING patterns and SURPRISING shapes. Now they are ready to dazzle you with two new STUNNING concepts that bring out the WOOW-Factor.

Let your colors show with eyewear from ProDesign Denmark

Press releases   •   Aug 07, 2018 10:00 GMT

The Danish eyewear brand ProDesign Denmark breaks with the traditional Nordic color scheme and introduces a new colorful collection that will frame your eyes beautifully.

FACE A FACE, jederzeit kühn, immer einzigartig

Press releases   •   May 29, 2018 11:36 GMT

Die beiden neuen Designs von FACE A FACE sind echte Kunststücke, die auf das Spiel von Transparenz und Farben setzen. Die Kombinationen aus opake Farbschichten und Transparenzeffekten schaffen eine einzigartige Ausdruckskraft.

L'effet WOOW en plus !

Press releases   •   May 28, 2018 12:13 GMT

Cette saison, WOOW réinvente les CLASSIQUES, réinterprète les formes IMPOSANTES des années 70 et revisite la TRANSPARENCE sous plusieurs formes. Enfin, l'EFFET WOOW s'invite généreusement sur chacun des modèles !

Der WOOW Faktor!

Press releases   •   May 25, 2018 12:13 GMT

Diese Saison hat WOOW die KLASSIKER neu erfunden, die GROSSEN Formen der 70er neu interpretiert, die TRANSPARENZEFFEKTE wieder ins Spiel gebracht und jedem einzelnen Modell einen echten WOOW-Faktor hinzugefügt.

FACE A FACE, Toujours Audacieux, Toujours Uniques

Press releases   •   May 15, 2018 15:30 GMT

Véritables œuvres d'art, les deux nouveaux concepts de la marque française FACE A FACE jouent continuellement avec la transparence et la couleur. La combinaison des acétates opaques, transparents et colorés donne vie à une expression unique en son genre.